How to Disable Categories in Gmail on Android?

if you want to disable Google’s categories feature on your android device. sometimes we reset the Gmail apps (clear data, clear cache). here is another method where you can reenable the categories later when you need it. There is solutions How to Disable Categories in Gmail on Android?

1. first Open your Gmail apps.

2.Now go to setting option

3.Select your Gmail account.

4. Click on Inbox categories.

5. Here just select or deselect your categories, as desired.

6.Press Back button, and choose Inbox type.

7. Choose Priority Inbox.

8. Press Back button, and change your inbox to Priority Inbox.

9. Refresh.

10. if Gmail is refreshing, force close it. You can do this either by using the switching apps function or by going to Android Settings > Apps > Gmail > Force stop.

11. Open Gmail back up, and check on the categories to enable as in Step 4. The option is now saved as what you’re desired. Remember that the categories is only shown if Default Inbox is selected here.

12.Make sure to make changes on here as well for it to take effect.

13. Repeat above steps if necessary.

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