How to Move Email to Different Folders in Gmail Account?

Email has its sorting system “labeling” this functions is exactly work same as folders if you know how set it up in proper way. Any email can be easily moved either moved in to a folder it means it is goes out of your Inbox and into that folder only or can be labeled with that same folder name(so that it stays in your inbox and in the folder at the same time). You can move email to different Email folders both ways automatically and manually follow here steps or instructions:

  1. set up a new folder or label
  2. Remember that any folder you create will also be a label, and vice versa. Both are the same thing in Email. The only difference is that when clicking on a folder icon, you move an email from your inbox to that folder which you created, and by clicking on the label icon, you add the label to an email without moving it away from where it’s currently located (emails can have more than one label at a time).
  3. You have to select the checkbox next to any email in your inbox or mail archive. : In this steps email won’t be moved into any folder, so you can pick any one.

4 Choose or click the folder icon and select “Create New.” Option

You can also create labels by entering your Email settings, and going to the “labels” tab and clicking on “Create new label” from the bottom of that screen

5.Just modify label information and click create.
In addition to naming it, you can decide whether or not to “nest it under” (i.e. turn it into a subfolder of) a different label.

  1. Find the label/folder underneath the others. It should be at or near the bottom of the list of your other label/folders

SECOND Option Move Email manually in to Folder/ label

  1. Just find and select desired email which you want to move
  2. select the folder/ label where you want to move your email.
  3. You can also select the label icon(which look like a small tag) and pick your folder/label name from there. This action will cause the label to be added to your email but your email also still in your inbox.

PART 3 Automatically Move Mail to Labels/Folders

1 Choose Settings option and go to Filters and click on Create New Filter. You will be using this filter to channel desired emails into your new label.

  1. Choose your label category or criteria: If you want to group emails from specific sender(s), add them to the From category; if you want to filter by content, modify the Has the Words category; if you want to modify several categories to get more specific results, fill them all out simultaneously. To run a test search to make sure your settings filter the desired emails, click the magnifying glass at the bottom of the window.
  2. If you’re satisfied, click Create Filter with this Search.
  3. In the new window that appears, click Choose Label.
  4. Now just Choose the desired label from those listed.

6 Decide whether or not to apply the label to existing messages. If you want to label any emails you may already have that match your criteria, check Also Apply Filter to ___ Matching Conversations. If you only want the label to apply to incoming messages, leave this blank.

7 The desired emails should now be labeled / begin labeling.

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