How to Use the Undo Send Feature in Gmail

Gmail has introduced Undo send feature on Gmail. This feature is really helpful. This feature originally gave one the option of having 5 seconds to click “Undo” after sending an email, but the recent update has boosted the time up to 30 seconds, there is way How to Use the Undo Send Feature in Gmail you can follow followings stpes

How to Use the Undo Send Feature in Gmail

1. First you need to Log in to your Gmail account. Currently, Gmail’s mobile interface does not allow you to access settings, so you will need to log in from a computer to enable this feature.

2. Now Find the “Settings” link in the upper right corner. It will be located next to your Gmail address in bold text to the left, and “Help” and “Sign Out” to the right. Click on it.

3. Now you can Locate the “Labs” tab. It will be near the end of the list of tabs. Click on “Labs” and allow it to load.

4. you need to Scroll to the near bottom of the page. With the available Google Labs options for Gmail listed in alphabetical order, this puts “Undo Send” at the end of the list. To the right of the brief information box are two bubbles. Check the “Enable” bubble, and then “Save Changes” at the very bottom.

5. You need Customize the time delay. The default timing for delaying the sending of an email is 10 seconds. If you want to change this time, you can shift it to 5, 20, or 30 seconds.
Go to “Settings”, “General” tab and find the “Undo Send” section and change the duration under the drop-down menu box.

6. Send yourself a test email. Use an alternate email address and write yourself a short message. Send it.
Undo Send works with any email program. Having the Undo Send feature turned on delays the actual message send for up to 30 seconds, it does not take back a message you sent. As a result, any email address you send an email to can be undone.

7. Click on “Undo” when you are redirected to your inbox. There will be a yellow message box alerting you that your message has been sent, and giving you the option to click “Undo” or “View Message”. Click Undo to cancel the sending of the email.

8. now just confirm that the message has not been sent. There will be a small yellow box at the top reading “Sending has been undone.” After you have clicked “Undo”, you will be directed to the unsent message. Here, you can edit the message and email address(es) you were sending it to, or discard the whole email.
Check the alternate email inbox to ensure that the message did not send.

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