1-833-295-1999 How to Import other Mail Sites to Gmail

Mostly people familiar with Gmail account but did you know that you can easily set up your Gmail email account to collect from other Gmail accounts, or even non-Gmail accounts? Just get complete process with the help of this post

How to Import other Mail Sites to Gmail

1. Login In in to your Gmail account

2. Now select the Gear button at the top right of the page, then select settings option.

3. Now select the tab labelled accounts.

4. Click on “Add a pop3 mail account you own” link under the section “check mail from other accounts(using POP3)”

5. Now you need to enter the full email address and click on “next step”.

6. Confirm that the server name and port are correct and enter your password

7. Set your options regrading:
Leaving a copy of retrieved messages on the server.
Always using a secure connection when retrieving mail
Labelling incoming messages
Archiving incoming messages

8. Select “yes” to enable sending emails from your newly added email address and click “Next Step”.
Enter information about your new email address.
• Enter the Name you wish to send emails from in the white box.
• Leave “Treat as Alias” selected if you are the only user who has access to the email account you just added.
• Deselect “Treat as Alias” if someone else has access to said email address.
• If you wish to receive replies normally click “Next Step”
• If you wish to receive replies at another email address click “Specify a different “reply-to” address, then enter address in white box.
• Click “Next Step”
Select whether to send mail through Gmail servers or through original email clients servers and click “Next Step”
Click “Send Verification”

Retrieve the verification code from the email address you are adding to gmail and type the verification code into the white box
Click “Verify”. Your email is now setup to import.

if you have any issue to follow these steps then contact on gmail technical support phone number to resolve your issue with the help of Gmail technical support team

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