How to set up two step verification in Outlook?

Every day, many of personal accounts are hacked. Users personal information is compromised and password are cracked if you ever use only password for multiple accounts it means you are increasing your vulnerability to being hacked. Now Microsoft has launched its 2-step verification system: anytime an unknown device is used to sign into your Microsoft account, the user has to provide a verification code in addition to the password. So it is not enough for hackers to just get your password; they will also need physical control of your phone or computer to access your account. If you are not convinced 2 step verification is necessary.

How to set up two step verification in Outlook? follow mention below steps:

  1. Let’s start Sign into your Outlook account. Click on a thumbnail of your avatar on the right side of the top menu bar, and then click “Account” to update your Outlook account settings.
  2. Now You will land on your Account Settings page. On the left menu bar, click “Security.”
  3. In the 2-step verification section, you’ll see if you already have 2-step verification turned on. If it says “OFF,” click “Edit” to set the feature up.
  4. You’ll see a page that briefly walks through the steps of setting up 2-step verification. Hover over the steps for more detail. Once you’re ready, click “Start setup.”
  5. Type in your cell phone number. This will be the phone associated with your Microsoft Outlook account. Anytime you sign into your Microsoft Outlook account from an unknown device (e.g., a public computer), Microsoft Outlook Email will send a verification code to your phone and you will need to enter that before you can sign in.
  6. Select whether you’d like to receive a text message or Microsoft Outlook Voice call with your verification code. Press submit. Then wait for the code to arrive to your phone and enter it in.
  7. Decide whether to trust this device. If you are turning on 2-step verification from a personal computer or trusted device, check the “trust this device” box. You will only be asked to enter a verification code when you sign into this account once per 30 days.
  8. Press OK, and you have just set up 2-step verification for your Microsoft Outlook Mail account! Skip any additional steps that seem unfamiliar or confusing for now — we will address all of them in successive sections of this article.
  9. Print a list of backup verification codes and store it in a secure but accessible place, like your wallet. If you ever need to sign into your Microsoft MS Outlook account but don’t have your primary phone with you, you can enter one of these codes instead.
    Go to your 2-step verification settings page.
    Under “How to receive codes,” click on the “Show backup codes” link. Print this page.

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